Do I need to buy my ticket in advance?

Though tickets are available for purchase on-site, we recommend purchasing your tickets prior to your arrival to avoid waiting times at the ticket desk. Tickets are available at the door and are the same price regardless of purchase time. Please visit https://theatlantaartfair.com/visit/ for more information. 

Do you offer any ticket discounts?

We provide a 10% discount for students, seniors, and veterans when purchasing tickets on-site at the fair.

Can I get a refund on my ticket?

No, unfortunately tickets to Seattle Art Fair are not refundable.

Help, I’ve lost my ticket.

Search your inbox for an email from “Squad Up” with a PDF attachment – don’t forget to check your junk folder. Please contact info@amp.events if you are unable to locate your ticket. You don’t have to print your tickets, just show us on your smartphone.

Are children allowed?

Children are encouraged! Below, please find some tips on how to make the most of your child’s trip to Seattle Art Fair.  

  • Remind your child to always walk, not run. 
  • Smaller children can be brought in baby strollers, which are permitted throughout the venue. 
  • Remind children that security guards protect us and the art; please ask your children to respect their requests. 
  • Instruct your children to never touch art as it can be damaged by the natural oils on their fingers.

Do children require a ticket?

Children under 12 are allowed free entry.  

Can I bring my pet to the fair?

Service animals or those in training for guests with disabilities are allowed in the stadium and Event Center. All other animals, including emotional support dogs, are prohibited.

Are bags allowed inside?

Small bags, purses, or wallets that do not exceed 4.5″ x 6.5″ are allowed. All larger bags with a maximum size of 12″ x 6″ x 12″ must be checked before entry into Lumen Field. Please visit the following webpage for more information regarding bag access: https://www.lumenfield.com/plan-your-visit-stadium-guide/clear-bag-policy. 

What parking is available for attendees?

Lumen Field has two parking lots that are connected to the building: Lumen Field Parking Garage and the North Lot. Both are open daily. Overnight or RV parking is not allowed. Oversized vehicles (above 8’3″) will only be accommodated in the North Lot. We encourage attendees to look at public transportation prior to heading down to the stadium to avoid traffic delays! You can visit https://www.lumenfield.com/plan-your-visit/parking-transportation to view all public transportation options. 

How much does parking cost?

Parking is subject to change and can range from $25–45 per day.

Is all of the artwork for sale?

Yes, all artwork on display in our fair booths is for sale.  

Is there food and drink available during all hours of the fair?

Yes, food and beverages are sold during fair hours at our various bar locations. Please see the floorplan upon your arrival for food and beverage locations. 

Can I bring in outside food and beverages?

Outside food in a clear plastic bag or pizza in a pizza box is allowed into Lumen Field and Lumen Field Event Center (food must be single serving). Outside beverages are not allowed. Exceptions are made for factory-sealed water bottles (non-enhanced, flavored or carbonated), baby bottles, beverages related to medical needs, and unopened, soft-sided single serve containers (i.e. juice boxes). Please visit https://www.lumenfield.com/plan-your-visit-stadium-guide/outside-food-beverage for more information. 

Do you have wheelchairs available for use?

Lumen Field has wheelchairs available for use. Simply let our staff know that you would like a wheelchair at the front desk, and we will arrange for a venue representative to bring over a wheelchair. 

I have a question about my visit to Seattle Art Fair that isn’t covered here.

Please reach out to [email protected] and we will get back to you in 24 hours.